Website EvaluationHow do I evaluate a website?

1. Start withKathy Schrock's 5ws of website evaluation

Click here to see the 5Ws
2. Compare these examplesMexico - U.S. Department of StateMexico - CRW FlagsMexico-TravelBBC Mexico ProfileMexico for Kids

3. Now Take a Walk on the Wild Web


Directions: Work with a partner. Choose several of the sites below to visit (click on hyperlink)
As you analyze the sites, ASK: 1. What is the purpose of the site? 2. Who is responsible for the information on this site3. Is the site credible?
4. Finallyclock.jpg You have 20 minutes, be ready to report your findingsFacts About Ancient ChinaDog IslandAll About ExplorersSave the Pacific Tree OctopusDihydrogen Monoxide Research Division

Attribution: Original image: 'Kermit de Frog'