Resources for Maniac Magee Idea Circles

Questions to think about, research and discuss
Links to resources
What causes racism?
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Remembering Jim Crow : Presented by American RadioWorks
An extensive website on the history of racism in America.
Talking About Racism
Questions and Answers in and interview with Beverly Daniel Tatum, the author ofWhy Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?
How racism arises
Information from a Thinkquest site about human rights.
American Anthropolical Association Statement on "Race"
A scholarly look at racism and how it arose.
American Rhetoric: Martin Luther King, Jr. -- "I Have a Dream"
Listen to and read Martin Luther King Jr.'s landmark speech about racial discrimination.
Why is education important?
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How Does Education Promote Success?
An dollar and cents analysis from the University of Cincinnati.
Value of Education from UNICEF
A unique view of what education means to children in very poor countries.
Reasons to Stay in School
Top 5 reasons to stay in school, according to the National Dropout Prevention Center.
The Consequences of Dropping Out
From the Indiana Department of Education
What Good is a College Education Anyway?
A career consultant's article on the value of a college education.
What does a person have to do / be to be considered a hero in our society?
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Heroes Quotes - The Quotations Page
Quotations about heroes
Portrait of a Hero
Portrait of a hero from Mesa Community College in Mesa Arizona. Be sure to explore all the links on the different pages.
American Heroes
Poems, stories and pictures from elementary children about heroes.
Your True Hero
A site that honors ordinary people (even kids) who do extraordinary things.
What are the elements of good story telling?
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The Elements of Good Storytelling
An article that outlines the basics.
Power Point: Literary Elements
Slides showing what every good story must have.
Storytelling Power - What Makes a Good Story?
Ideas from a master storyteller.